Puerto Los Cabos

We pulled into Puerto Los Cabos Marina 1030 on 3-19 after a 23 hour run from Bahia Santa Maria. We had about 24 kt winds in the morning and thought it would be a bit rough.  Turns out after a couple hours the winds eased to 12-15 and the seas calmed to 3′ swell on about 10 seconds. That was way better than the forecast and we had a comfortable run.  We made the turn and the sun came up. 85 degrees! We finally feel like we are in Mexico.

The first slip they had us try was 20′ wide for a 19′ beam. We would have been fine if we removed the fenders. We tied up and they decided we should move to the high rent district. It is very nice on S dock.  Power, water and room to move. I think we will stay a few days.

Our neighbors in Turtle Bay


We had a rider.

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