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Our search actually began in the early 90’s when I saw a tank test of the Nordhavn 62. As I remember the model was a mustard yellow but it still looked cool.  I had read Voyaging Under Power revised by James Leishman (who signed my copy when he was visiting the Seattle Boat Show) so I was already a fan.  We began our search in ernest when changes in our life allowed us to move from dreamers to future owners. The first one we found that could fit the bill was in Florida February 2017.  It sold before we could pull the trigger. We made our first offer and flew to Corfu Greece that August to seal the deal.  The boat was not “as advertised” so we decided to spend a week traveling with Devin and the lovely Margeaux in Corfu. Then a boat named Lone Wolf found us all the way from Mackay Australia while we were commiserating in a Greek pool.  By  the end of September 2017 she was ours.


The deal would never have happened if it weren’t for Devin and the entire crew at Nordhavn in Dana Point California. We renamed her “Roxia”.  Roxia is a book dedicated to my Grandmother (who we called G-Muz) written by her father about his Grandmother named Roxia. She decided to leave the small town of Chepstow, England to seek adventure around the world. (Recently, I was corrected regarding “Chepstow, England”. Technically, Chepstow is a town in Wales and annexed as part of England in Wales Acts of 1535 & 1542, not without controversy.) Our childhood boat growing up in Newport Beach California happened to be named Roxia! We keep a copy of the book Roxia onboard.

Roxia with G & G

40′ Wheeler James & “Pat” McIntyre (March 1957)

The Nordhavn 62 is a robust trawler capable of cruising the world. Here are the drawings of Roxia. These pictures reflect how we use Roxia and why we trust her to keep us safe. Don’t forget to check the blog tab above or click Here.

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  1. Bradley M Brown

    nice, nice, NICE!!!!!

  2. Mary Jane Fiscus. (Mj)

    Yeah!! Success. She is beautiful. Enjoy!

  3. Samuel A. Booth

    Looking forward to all the fun you will share.

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