Shellfish Express

Customized training aboard your own vessel.

There is no substitution for experience but there are tricks to make you comfortable at the helm quicker. Bill Baker is an experienced captain on a wide variety of vessels. He is soft spoken and works well with men, women and children.

Skipper-on-Board TM:

    • Training on your vessel. 
    • Customized on the water training program for the whole family.
      • Train together to understand each others expectations
      • Learn each task so you can share responsibilities.
      • Training is for families just like boating.
      • Having a qualified instructor/coach speeds up the process.
      • Conquering your fears is rewarding
    • Recognized by most insurance companies to lower your rates.
      • If the jump to the next size makes your agent uncomfortable we can certify you.
      • Proper training and tips lowers your risk and your rate.
    • Great for first-timers or experienced captains
      • Tight situations
      • Mechanical failures
      • Backing into your slip
      • Windy conditions
      • Learn safe ways to secure your boat
      • Learn to anchor
    • Learn Navigation Rules, or enhance your Navigational skills.
      • Plan your vacation using charts, electronics or software!
      • You will gain an understanding of charts and the aids of navigation.
      • Basic piloting, (determining your position)
      • Special conditions in the Puget Sound will be covered.


  • Do you want to train on MV ROXIA?
    • This is a specialized training course available to select individuals.
    • If you are looking to purchase a Nordhavn or other long distance trawler and want a detailed “Learn and Cruise” trip this is for you.
    • This is very limited and the cruising area is based on where Roxia is currently cruising.
    • Training is typically two to five days.
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