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Projects of the Pandemic

2020…Anyone want a do-over? Crazy to say the least. My motto for 2020 is “If you can’t go far, go often.” One unknown outcome of the pandemic on Roxia has been the number of projects I completed that I didn’t even know I needed to start. This is a brief recap of “PoP” with pictures below:

  • Pull shaft and remove Hydraulic APU
  • New Computer for FarSounder and Backup Navigation
  • Replace wiper switches with electronic wiper control
  • New hose for gasoline storage tank
  • Replace blackwater hose and vent line
  • Replace bungee at all freeing ports
  • Install new Bluesea M2 gauge on Electric panel
  • Remove non-functioning DryZone system
  • Upgrade engine room ventilation system
  • Install air compressor (horn, air tools and Hookah diving)
  • Build new windlass handle
  • Build aft enclosure for cockpit
  • Visit the Mothership for Nordhavn swag!
  • Build a rack to store small glassware

Work in progress:

  • Replace hydraulic gauges with plug/test ports
  • Remove paint from cap rails
  • Service watermaker
  • New Backup domestic water pump

The New and Improved Cabinet

A previous caretaker of Roxia removed the original entertainment cabinet and replaced it with one to accommodate their electronics. While it was a nice cabinet it did not match the original woodwork and was really just too big. Here is what it looked like.

Previous Entertainment Center

Here is the new and improved entertainment cabinet.

Cabinet as of April 2020

That’s all you need to know unless you want to see how I built it. Ok, still reading? Here are the pictures of what I did to make it look better than before. I will note that the Plexiglas in the door is made from one of the swing doors in the previous cabinet. Also, I cut two of the shelves to make the new shelves and the top to make the back of the new cabinet. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

And there you have it. If you made it this far you probably have nothing better to do. This is during the great quarantine of 2020. Stay safe!

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