Fleet-John Marsh

Programs and techniques.

One of the major reasons for forming a consulting division lies in the unique arrangement of yacht and owner. The vessel is similar to a business. It may have one client or multiple clients and can benefit from the same techniques used to manage a business. Bake’s Marine can develop a program to help you manage your “business” or Manage it for you. Call or email today to discuss your needs.

Vessel Management:

  • Customized Accounting statements.
    • Maintenance
    • Vessel Updates
    • Monthly Expenses
  • Usage
    • Is Charter Vessel Ownership right for you?
    • How much time do you need to use a boat to justify owning?
    • Where is the boat to be used?
    • How many people on board?
  • Maintenance
    • Annual
    • Monthly
    • Per Trip
    • Maintenance schedules
  • When to add new systems
    • Electronics
    • Mechanical
    • Comfort
    • Safety
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