Roxia Heads to North American


What an Amazing process…Dockwise Yacht Transport. Devin and I arrived at out designated meeting time. The ship had been submerged to the load level.  Only two boats would be departing the ship in Brisbane then Roxia would be the first boat to load in followed by twelve others.  Henry the Load Master keeps everyone informed on VHF 17. When you follow his requests everything is smooth. Devin efficiently handled lines and fenders while I had the easy job of not hitting anything.

Once all the boats are in place all engines must be shut down before divers get in the water. The ballast is pumped out slowly and the divers place keel blocks and supports. Once supported with deck dry, supports are welded and all boats are strapped to the deck.

Prior to load up, I spent time in Bundaberg finishing up projects.  Devin flew in a week later and we cruised 200 miles south to Brisbane.

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