The Decision is Made

After a lot of soul-searching we made the decision to ship Roxia to Ensenada instead of taking a year or so to cruise home.  Why then did we buy a boat in Australia and not come back through the South Pacific?  We were planning to do just that.  As it turns out Roxia was not used much in the past number of years.  It was used more as a condo than a ocean crosser.  It is still totally capable of the trip but there are so many of the “comfort” type systems that I want to test and repair that it just didn’t make sense to do that from afar.  I can complete so many of these tasks while it is nearby our home in Seattle.  There will be time to cross an ocean in our future.

We chose DYT Yacht Transport for delivery from Brisbane to Ensenada. Here is a video of the process. Yacht Express

I will miss the islands of the South Pacific but believe this is the right decision.  We should arrive in Ensenada around the first week of March…give or take.

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I am a self professed boat geek. I've reached a time in my life that now I work with people I like or on boats I like. It's pretty simple. I fine tune systems and specialize on trawler yachts.

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  1. That’s engineering and attention to details at its best. Wow.

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