A week in the Whitsundays

We had a great trip learning Roxia and systems.  We are starting to feel comfortable with systems and where to put things.  We are back in Mackay to provision for our trip south to Bundaberg to haul Roxia out for the Typhoon season.

We did some snorkeling complete with Stinger suits. Had a first chance to look at the hull of Roxia while snorkeling.  It is time for bottom paint but all looks well underneath.  We need kayaks or SUP’s for more water fun. We are starting a list of things we want now, not just things we need.

Here is an Item we came across which is one step to improving our use of plastic.  I would like to see this at more if not all marinas.


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  1. I’m really enjoying your cruise, vicariously, of course, not on board, not a part of the chit chat and food and cocktails and explorations of the vessel or the surroundings. You must be having a blast, and I’m so happy for you. Sammy

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