Hamilton Island

We left Mackay, QLD on October 15 and headed to Scawfell Island.  We had SE winds 10-15k with wind waves on the starboard beam of 2-3 feet. Roxia handled the seas comfortably.  We had one issue with the generator running but not producing power. I checked all the manuals on the boat for the generator and all we had were the Northern Lights books for the engine. I had enough information to rebuild the engine but could I find a wiring diagram for the actual generator…not so lucky.  I grabbed the multimeter and headed to the engine room.  I was getting power at the generator so I knew it had to be between the genset and the panel.  After looking in the N62 manual I found there was a double pole breaker somewhere.  Back to the engine room and yes I found the box mounted on the bulkhead behind the gen and there was a tripped breaker. Boom, done, drop mic.  First issue at sea solved. We decided to continue the trip. Scawfell was really pretty so we put the dink “On the Rox” in the water to check things out. Yikes, gas gauge flashing empty and no paddle.  We circled Roxia and snapped some pictures then back on deck for the Dink.

October 16 found us at Goldsmith Island and a nice little sheltered cove on the North side. Two sail boats were already anchored but we were all separated and cozy.  I forgot to leave the inReach on so it looks like we transported there but we actually cruise there. It rained hard but it was warm so Roxia just got a nice wash down.  Anchoring is quite nice with the use of Flopper Stoppers to keep the rocking to a minimum. A 300# anchor and 1/2″ chain makes you sleep easy.  An item we never had on any other boat is the hydraulic automatic anchor wash down. Water sprays the chain at 180 gpm so as we haul it up it gets clean. It is so strong I thought it might blow off the galvanizing…maybe not.

October 17 we decided to head to the snazzy marina of Hamilton Island Marina.  A little pricy but very nice.  We did make the mistake of calling in for our slip assignment and proceeding in. Oops, here you wait for the concierge dinghy to come greet you and lead you to your slip. I had to back into a slip for the first time and managed to keep all 70 tons from crushing dock or human.  This marina was hit in March with a Category 5 Typhoon. The island, marina and resort were blasted.  People in the marina (150) all huddled in conference center to wait out the storm.  260-280kph winds remained for nearly 6 hours. The people were pinned in the building for two days. Food was running out then the steel doors caved in.  Everyone tried to stay in the large restrooms. We rode the free shuttle around the island and our driver was in that group.  There is a driving range where you hit balls into a pond.  The wind blew all the water out and sent 10,000 golf balls onto the runway.  Airplanes couldn’t take off or land until it was clear.  Resort staff walked the entire runway and cleaned it off so people could be evacuated. The owners of the resort hired 500-600 tradesmen to rebuild the resort. They are still working on projects seven months later but the resort and Island was only closed for 7 days!! No WiFi here! What?

Pictures will have to wait.

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