Shibumi is For Sale


With our sights on new adventures and a growing family we are looking at a different boat. Shibumi is at a perfect stage to sell.  For the person looking to differ some costs by keeping her in charter she has a consistent history of bookings. It is always good to buy a boat from a boat nerd who is a little OCD. Check out the tab and look at the PDF and let me know what you think.

About BakesConsulting

I am a self professed boat geek. I've reached a time in my life that now I work with people I like or on boats I like. It's pretty simple. I fine tune systems and specialize on trawler yachts.

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  1. Some people have asked if I’ve lost my marbles selling Shibumi. No, but we did make an offer on another boat…Now that may be an indication I’ve lost my marbles!

  2. Bill. I’m a friend of Bill Godwin’s. Do you have more pics of Shibumi?

  3. Check out the Shibumi for Sale or MV Shibumi Tabs for more information and pictures.

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