USCG Licensed Captain specializing in West Coast deliveries.Shellfish Express

Yacht delivery by Bake’s Marine Consulting is a cost effective and safe way to move your vessel from one point to another. The most difficult task when arranging the transfer of your vessel is often locating a reputable captain. Bill Baker brings a life of boating and professionalism to the business.

  • USCG Licensed Captain (Master 100 ton Near Coastal)
  • Specializing on West Coast Deliveries.
  • Insured.
  • Pricing:
    • $4.50 per Nautical Mile
    • $350 Minimum
    • $1,000 per day for vessels under 10 nmh.
    • Call for quote over 1,000 Nautical Miles.
    • All pricing plus expenses (Fuel, travel, food, marina space if applicable)
    • Wholesale pricing available for dealer transfers.


*Opportunities exist for owners to ride along on some deliveries.

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